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On the WoW forums.

it's labeled

WARNING: Adult Link Inside

Blues took notice.

Since I don't think I've ever done it before. o_o

(we're all garbled on the inside, but I swear it means something -- pick me up and keep me or throw me away like all the rest)

It's pretty simple; I have to friend you before you can read my journal. Comment to be added (I won't notice you've added me unless you comment).

Only a couple rules-

1) Tolerance. If you don't agree with me, that's fine. You can even try to dissuade me about something. But don't be a jackass about it.

2) Grammar. I'm not asking for perfection. Just not netspeak. An occasional fanspazzy post is fine, but don't expect me to read a serious post written in netspeak.

Other than that? I'm always happy to have a new friend. Come in, look around, add me, comment, and you're in. xP
A Place for any colorbars I may make 8D

Collapse )

Enjoy~ 8D

Friends list has been trimmed~! Journals removed were ones belonging all to people I love --- because you'd never have been friended at all if I didn't at the least enjoy you mildly 8D --- but journals I didn't read or had fallen inactive or were redunant.
Love to you all still! (* 3*)/ Short and sweet!